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Coach Lee’s Season Review

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Coach Lee’s Season Review

It certainly went by in a flash this year. As the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun. And we all have a lot of fun with our sports. After a 2016 season that was extremely successful on all fronts, 2017 was even better. As you saw from the first part of our review, Towanda teams fared extremely well. But there was a lot more to it than a lot of teams doing well. It was a lot of age groups doing well, pretty much every one, boys and girls. And it was a lot of sports that had magic moments. Strength in depth is the true essence of a successful sports program, and we are fortunate to have a dedicated team of coaches who provide very good instruction, a safe and fun time, and teach good values and ethics to our children…who are truly the best in every way and stand out as people and as athletes whenever there is a Towanda team in action.

Another key to our successes is how well are able to function as a department in terms of organization and communication. It is almost telepathic. It flows on all fronts and all involved, young and old(er), are really into the groove.

In sports, as in life, there are lots of obstacles, and a fair share of highs and lows. It’s knowing and teaching how to handle these that we are constantly developing, as coaches and as educators. And I find that what we do here helps all of us and in the outside world.

Indeed, we are beaming with pride, seeing how our kids respond.

As I mentioned before, it’s a case of victory through harmony. But let’s look at some interesting facts.

In soccer, ALL our girls’ soccer teams reached Wayne County finals, and champions included our National girls (4th year in a row), who have not conceded a goal in 3 yeas, our Dillies, who have no fear whatsoever, and on the boys side the Middie boys built up a run from scratch that took them to the very top. For all our teams, much emphasis was placed on playing quick touch, attractive soccer along with defense and positioning. For those who know the game well, I’m sure that you will agree that it’s a solid defense from which everything starts.

Basketball had its fair share of success, culminating in our Dorm girls who won their semifinal and final by one point on buzzer beaters, as well as our all-conquering Inter girls who just squeezed opponents with their zone defense. A very happy group of girls worked hard all summer long to develop into the cohesive unit that they became. Our Cadets and Tweens also played some good basketball with excellent rebound stats.

Baseball enjoyed a good run this year, with the Junior boys lifting the Wayne County final in a deserved success, following the amount of strikeouts, RBIs and stolen bases that they managed to achieve. These Junior boys are quite something as they win a different sport’s championship each year (Cadets soccer in 2015, Middies flag football in 2016 and baseball this year). I wonder what it will be in 2018!! The girls’ softball teams did very well, pitching and fielding effortlessly and tirelessly throughout. This was typified by our National girls’ Wayne County success, and the Junior girls who played like a team that was very together, in every sport they played and not just in softball.

Flag football was vibrant again this summer, especially its new dimension, as we made our official powder puff debut, coming 2nd out of 4 teams in a home Senior girls tournament on July 25. All our boys teams were well represented, with the Inter boys playing especially well in their running game, and on the girls side we also fielded very good teams at Junior, Inter and National level.

Gymnastics and dance displayed a resurgence under new and very hard-working coaches and placed very well in theirrespective meets, as did our swim team, with four swim meets producing a record number of participants.

The Spain-run tennis program also excelled with top quality instruction, culminating in 4 different age groups reaching finals, one of them winning a championship (junior girls singles). Vamos Towanda 2018!!

In lacrosse, our Senior girls brought home a Wayne County championship, having played all their games on the road, but not wilting in the least. The girls were extremely happy with their success, as it was their first ever in their camping career!! Look out for next year’s Dorm!! The Club/LIT team narrowly missed out in a nail biting final (17-18 at Trails End), but handled it all superbly, and came home with their heads held high.

Roller Hockey continued to rebuild – under Canadian management this time – and the future is good as our lower camp boys all performed encouragingly, again gradually growing in numbers.

Our Volleyball teams thoroughly enjoyed all their tournaments, especially our National boys who hosted an 8-team beach volleyball tournament, also on July 25th, coming 3rd, and the Senior boys who were crowned Wayne County champs as their serving and setting power was their big advantage at the tournament at Island Lake.

We have to mention the National girls once again; FOUR Wayne County championships (soccer, basketball, Lacrosse and softball) is not a small achievement. But it’s not the winning, it’s the manner in which it was achieved. In style and with a smile!!

And of course we need a special mention for our Jets and Debs who have played 4 playdates both home and away, against Tyler Hill and Trails End. Wiffleball, soccer, newcomb and basketball were some of the sports they enjoyed with their counselors and campers of other camps their age, setting themselves up nicely for the larger schedule that will await them as they progress through camp.

….SUN SETS ON 2017, TIL IT RISES ON 2018..
And that’s a wrap on another outstanding summer all-round. The memories, the skills, the friendships, the learning on how to step it up both on and off the field when we have to….it would take a 300-page book to put it all on paper. We’ll let the memories be relived through the fall and the winter, and when spring is in the air again, we’ll be back again for more of the same. Much more. And we’ll make it even better!!

It’s sad to say goodbye now, but we have to…with one phrase: bring on 2018!!!
This is Coach Lee, signing off with a very content, proud and strong Towanda Sports Center!!! (da-da-da da-da-da)

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