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Towanda Sports Center – 2017


Towanda Sports Center – 2017

…. The Season so far….

In two words: Sweet Success! Everywhere we play, home or away, Towanda teams are excelling. Not only in terms of results (which aren’t even our priority!) but also in terms of working together, having an infinite amount of fun and producing both stylish play and great sportsmanship.

……Victory through Harmony…

As already mentioned, winning is not the priority, however, when it happens it’s undeniable a great feeling! And there’s been A LOT of winning going on! Specifically, we’re already in over a dozen Wayne County finals, with another dozen semifinals still to be played. Two championships have been secured! Our National and Senior Boys Volleyball and our Junior Girls Tennis singles all came out on top! On the Invitational Tournament front, eight of our teams have taken first place, with National Girls Basketball and Dillies softball really standing out and dominating. And we’re only half way through!

…Troopers and Bloopers…

It’s amazing how much spirit our kids show! Some of our teams have faced bigger and stronger opponents, yet they have come out on top through sheer determination…and with smiles! And no season would be the same without its funny moments. We’ve had some of them that we’ve laughed at; classic examples that stand out are spectacular own goals in soccer and running over a referee while catching for a touchdown in flag football! All involved in these “Mr. Bean” moments took a while to control their laughter!

…We March on…

As we approach Visiting Day, we’ll all take quality time to spend with friends and family and share out sports stories. Then we’ll be back in action as always enjoying camp sports, creating memories and learning new skills. We always include all those who want to play and learn!


Signing off, this is Coach Lee with Towanda Sports Center

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