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Scope Dinner 2017

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Scope Dinner 2017

The SCOPE (Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education) Dinner in New York City was a great success.This year the event honored our very own Camp Towanda 3rd generation alum, SCOPE Junior Leader Evan Seiden with the SCOPE Leadership Award and Jefferson Award for bringing SCOPE’s mission to his local community. The entire Towanda family is very proud of Evan!

SCOPE Acceptance Speech 2017

Evan Seiden

Good evening everyone, and thank you all for coming. Tonight is an important event where we can celebrate SCOPE’s successes, while continuing to support their goals. I am honored and humbled to be receiving the SCOPE Leadership Award and Jefferson Award.

My first encounter with SCOPE was when I received an email from my camp directors, Mitch and Stephanie Reiter, about some upcoming events, one which talked about the opportunity to join SCOPE’s Junior Leadership Council. After researching SCOPE online, I quickly identified with t
heir mission and aspired to become involved. As a child who spent the majority of my summers at camp, I now understand the social, emotional, and physical growth it provided me, while helping me develop my individual interests and potential. I tried new activities, became part of traditions, and met some incredible people. Kids from underserved communities can benefit greatly from the experience of summer camp by enjoying what is in front of them, rather than focus on the challenges that might be facing them in the outside world. At camp, they are taking part in new experiences, exposed to positive role models, and a supportive environment. Camp has positively shaped the values I possess as a young adult and through SCOPE, I had the platform to provide disadvantaged children the same opportunities. I believe the best way to contribute to your community is to be passionate about why and how you’re giving; after attending my first SCOPE meeting, I knew that I could feel this way.

I became committed to supporting SCOPE’s mission in any way that I could. I’ve sold raffle tickets at
the annual dinner, helped create Dream Boxes and Survival Packs at the SCOPE office, and created my own club at my school, conducting bake sales and cookie dough fundraisers. I am fortunate to gain leadership and organizational skills, while simultaneously sending less fortunate children to summer camp. Being involved with SCOPE is an extremely rewarding experience, as I’m sure everyone here tonight would agree with me.

Many people consider summer camp their “second home.” To me, camp is my first home. To many of these kids, camp is their first home, and that is a connection I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

I want to thank the Reiters as well as the entire Camp Towanda family for introducing me to SCOPE, and advocating for more Towanda campers to join SCOPE’s Junior Leadership Council. I want to thank the Trevor Day School community for allowing me to support a cause I deeply care about, and Jenna Parker for leading the SCOPE club with me. I am grateful to the SCOPE team: Choi, Rachel, Molly, and Heather, who have mentored me while helping me become an impactful and active member in my community. Thank you to my mother and my entire family for always encouraging me to follow what I love. Thank you kindly to the Board of Directors of SCOPE for honoring me with these prestigious awards. I would like to accept these awards on behalf of my father, who shared his passion for camp with me and everyone around him. Most of all, thank you all for coming tonight. None of this would be possible without your generous support. Please remember: Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education and keep the giving going! Thank you.

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