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Mansion Porch – Spring Review

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Spring Review

Emily Feinstein and Edward Delman who met in Stephanie’s Garden got married last month in Brooklyn, NY; a special moment in time and Mitch gave a toast…Hayley Pilcher and Josh Ginther (met at camp) got married, too!…while in California, Mitch & Stephanie ran into Corey “NJ” Springer, Jackie Roher, AJ Axelrod, Max Sussman, Beth Donalds, Angie “NCW” James, J Fray and Kyle Maynes…one early Spring Day in NYC, Mitch, Stephanie, Jared and Brandon, within 5 minutes, ran into Dana Levy, Ashley Lerche (now a brand new Mom), Danielle Bodner and Stacy Plasker!… we also ran into Jenna Margolis walking down the street in Charleston, SC…Always great to hear when staff visit friends around the world, recently Becca Gin, Tiffany Verdon were in New Zealand in Kate Mulligan’s territory!…Greggles Polovin had his bachelor party at camp in May and David Tomback celebrated his 40th birthday at camp, along with Erik Kesten and Adam Berk…..Ivy & Ben Levine met up with Cary London and a special Olympic Judgie (see pix)…Peter Kanyuk (1971-76) stopped by camp to reflect and appreciate his days here….random spotting’s of Towanda Logos on cars happening all the time (see pix)…congratulations to Ryan Forman, selected as the athlete of the week by The Bleacher Boys website…greetings from Aunt JO Tancer, loves running into camp peeps at Hunter’s Run in Boynton Beach, Florida…Lynn Brodsky soon to be a mom’s doctor is also a Towanda family (but who?)…there is a lot more we hear from The Manion Porch; however, we will be saving the latest updates for the after camp iussues….please continue to send us your news, run-ins and fun facts; in the meantime, alumni…plan for this year’s 95th alumni bbq day (see related article) and save the date for the 100th big time celebration (5 years from now) in June, 2022!!!

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