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June is Busting Out!

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June is Busting Out!

It’s June and there is much excitement, activity, preparation and enthusiasm in The Towanda Air!

Despite chilling dampness most of May and these first few days of June…The Pre-Camp Crew has been toughing it out in order to have everything ready for the campers’ arrival!

In addition to our counselors that arrived early to help setup, O&A (Outdoor Adventure), Waterfront and The Media Staff are also here training!

From the ballfields (baseball, soccer, lax, etc) and bunks (including the new B-7 and WHOA!) to the big buildings (such as, to name a few: Field House, Gully Hockey & Gymnastics), Waterfront (hey, there’s a new ski dock, pool fence and pool filters) to the animals (chickens, dinosaur chickens, sheep, rabbits and goats –a/k/a “donkey”)… TOWANDA TIME IS SOON!

Check this out for just the first few days: Counselor Welcome Show, The Towanda Open, Big Campfire, Brad The Hypnotist, Scavenger Hunt, Unique Game Show, Dorm Canoe Trip, Talent Show and Luau along with all land and water sports and activities, team practices and inter-camp games, O&A, Nature, Drama and arts and crafts, culinary, horseback, golf, tennis and hockey…oh my…that is just a tad of what will be going on; not to mention some good jokes, good music and good friends!

So, my little camper-roonies….Finish up school, rest up, practice your goodbyes and get psyched for the best summer you have ever SEEN…
that’s the very soon to be summer of 20-sevenTEEN!!

Stephanie and I will see you in the parking lot when you get here!!!

Your Camp Director,



Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 25 years. They are also frequent contributors to Huffington Post.

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