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A Mitch Moment

As I write this article, the winter, as many as you know, has been on a climatic roller coaster and doesn’t seem to be settling down quite yet. Today it was 63 at camp and tomorrow we are expecting snow! One day in the single digits, the next record breaking summer like weather.

At camp, we started in the late Fall with an ice storm that caused a loss of many big trees at camp; since then, we have had snow, heat waves, wind-blown rain storms and just mild calm weather. The ground freezes, thaws, gets fairly muddy and then freezes up again. All the while, we have many projects going on; the biggest being the new bunk on Girls Campus, WHOA!, now part of Senior Row. On Boys’ side, we have expanded the Boys HC and rebuilt B-7. In the Mess Hall, we added a new Kitchen Galley, exclusively for the preparation of special dietary menus.

Later this month I will be with The WOC at the camp conference in Atlantic City, where we learn and share great information to improve and buy new items for camp!

Regardless, in just about 100 days or so, we will all be at camp and it WILL be summer; the best you have ever SEEN (in 2017); the 95th year of Camp Towanda! I don’t know about you, but I am psyched for it! We’ve got lots of amazing fun activities, special events and a few surprises. We have cool and exciting programming as well as some fantastic, psyched up and impressive staff (I will introduce and welcome them back in the next issue of The TT).

We got the chickens, rabbits, goats and sheep; we got Casper returning (no sign of Taylor Haber “The Dog” yet). We will have another Guinness record breaking contest on July 4th; certainly some classic rock n’ roll (nothing like breakfast with The Beatles, lunch with American Pie and Sunday BBQs with The Grateful Dead!), the smell of campfires (The S’more you think of it, the S’more you can smell it), Canteen (yeah Kit-Kats), inter-camp games, tournaments and bugle calls! Oh and activities (Ghost is the best; it is so much fun, it’s scary), jokes, humor (sometimes not dependent upon each other) and loads of friends, friends, friends (old & new)!

Whether this will be your first summer or your 18th (or 47th-yeah, Bob!), it won’t take long till (we get over our homesickness and become campsick—oh yeah, sick, baby!) we all know each other, feel comfortable, be laughing (you best be laughing), playing (everything- land, water, stage, trees (you get the idea—activities) and the best of friends.

If, in fact, this is your first summer at camp, camper or counselor, fair warning to be prepared for these benefits of being part of Towanda: foster independence, practice kindness, make diverse friendships, get out of one’s comfort zone in a safe way, unplug, refresh and cleanse from high-tech pressures and develop confidence while learning a lot about yourself!

That’s the way it is here!

So, get rested, get psyched, get ready to get camp!
See You Soon In June!

Your Camp Director,


Mitch (Hctim on Backwards Day, I mean Yad Sdrawkcab!)

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Mitch and Stephanie have owned and operated Camp Towanda for over 25 years. They are also frequent contributors to Huffington Post.

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