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Mansion Porch – Winter Review

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Winter Review

HC Bob Miller recently had dinner in NYC with Boys Camp alums (60s, 70s, 80s); dark photo by Bill “Moose” Colacurcio but worth the effort: Bob Miller, Mitchel Ashley, Robert Mandelbaum, Robbie Moses, Michael Neuman, Michael Maze, Steven Stockfeder, Neil Ross, Murray Stockfeder, and Richie Bolog!…Hallie Fishman (Dorm 03) is moving to London!…Mike Irish (09) just opened a recording studio in Brooklyn…Adam Rapchik (Club 05) and Amanda Melton Levine (Dorm 05) are both stand-up comedians in NYC…Bryan Altman (Club 04) is engaged and has his own band!…While Studying abroad, Mini Muffin has traveled to Greece and saw the Nikoladii. Good thing we are unplugged at camp little Andrew (see pix)!…Audrey Lubin is a psychologist in North Carolina (moving back to NY in the spring) and married…Dr. Mark Merlin went to Haiti on a 48-hour mission to help after Hurricane Matthew…Randy Lubin (Club 02) is in the start-up scene in San Francisco and engaged!… Shelby Bloom Poole had a baby boy!…Meredith Mitchner (Dorm 15) and her former counselor Carson Moore (’13-’14) meet up in Texas (Mom Tex regularly keeps an eye on the live Towanda Cam)…Dave Schleier (77-81) proud older brother of Marc Schleier (82-91) informs us that he got married to the beautiful Lelia Maria Menendez Labor Day Weekend and can’t wait to be the Uncle of second generation Towanda campers in th e 2020’s!…David Klein (Club94) is a big time talent agent in Hollywood…Jared Reiter represented CT at the annual Focus For A Future dinner in Westchester, NY…2016 Cincinnati staff meet up (see pix) of Abigail Wihl, Sierra Farley, Sarah Blakeman, Steve “Spider” Baker and Tiffany Ricketts…Brain Carlin (club 04) is now engaged…Max Dixon (club 02) is expecting his first baby this april!…(Editor’s note: Future Towanda-er babies receive the coolest CT swag!)…Charlie Wytzner (Club 09) was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!…Rebecca Solomon (Dorm03) got married!…Send your Towanda campers, staff, alumni gossip to . Oh and by the way, once again Camp Towanda got 100% on their ACA Accreditation review (Z, Jared and Matt are so on top of that)!!

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