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Lucky Strike Reunion Recap 2016

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Lucky Strike Reunion Recap 2016

Lucky Strike Reunion Recap 2016


What a great time had by all at the Lucky Strike Reunion in November! It was wonderful seeing camp friends from near and far come together as if only a few seconds had passed since we hopped on the busses the last day of camp.
The Senior Staff setup crew posed for a CT Mannequin Challenge. Check it out on Instagram and Facebook!
It looked like everyone enjoyed the bowling lanes and arcade as we jumped right into the camp fun. Did anyone get a strike? FNF this year was amazing! Thanks to Erica Media and her team for putting together another fantastic recap of the summer. And imagine that was only 26 minutes of it! After FNF we enjoyed delicious sandwiches and pizza as the crowd dispersed. See you on the beach next week!

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