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Mansion Porch – Fall Review

Mansion Porch

Mansion Porch – Fall Review

Our very own, Hank Azaria receives an EMMY for his role in Ray Donovan and also a great shout out for Hank’s 600th
’s episode….speaking of our very own; congrats to O’Neil Lubin, he has been appointed the Head Basketball Coach of Oak Ridge High School in Orlando, FL; making O’Neil the youngest coach in the state of Florida; congratulations AND O’Neil will be back in 2017!!!….Camp Towanda had an honorable mention in the August Issue of The Hollywood Reporter; the article stated that Bradley Cooper and Paul Rudd were required to adhere to our rule of no gum chewing !…The Fabrizio’s of Australia once again send their love to their Towanda Family…Tiffany Dickens (married, now Dee) from Arts & Crafts 2005 and with the Junior girls, reports that she still proudly owns her staff t-shirts….Frank Infante had an internship from The Behlmans which has turned into a full-time job, so that should help him schedule an Alumni Day visit! . .. Mansion Porch Photos: Zach Shaytin and his mom re-enacting Camp Towada’s Abbey Road in London… Karlyn Levi spotted in Disney World with the CT poncho (no hills there either)… Jake Senior and
Sydney Levy were seen cruising around in their THING. Here’s a reminder that if you are spotted with a magnet on your car; that’s a pizza!!!…and Heather Meisner was in Iceland packing a deck of Camp Towanda cards!….Meredith Mitchiner has discovered Bryers ice cream Kit-Kat flavor (only in Texas)… Kate Hopper GG from Halifax 2007-2009 graduated from Saba University School of Medicine and is now in a 4 year residency position in Anesthesiology at Louisiana State University in Shreveport….

Camp Towanda THE NEXT GENERATION: Congratulations to Parents of The Next Generation…. Pictured are Gabby (Phillips) GraBois, Marc & Shira (Weiner) Penziner, Jeff Schulman, Matt & Alexa (Phillips) Penziner)… congratulations to Dan Mozes on    becoming a dad and the engagement of Spencer Kirsch to Maxx Rapaport!!!..and to Steven Molino (see all star wedding picture of famed alumni: Michael Groll (Club 1969), Susan Salt (wife of Club 1968’s Richie Salt), Marty Kaufman (Club 1975), Rob Wexler (Club 1975), Jenna Molina (Dorm 2002), Phyllis Hyman Miller (Dorm 1965), Bob Miller (Club 1966), Steven Molina, Mike Wiltsek (Club 1972) and Murray Stockfeder (Boys HC 1972 – 1982)

…and Congratulations to Matt and Dana Levy; both married, both parents..getting ready for their 3rd generation campers …and another happy Towanda couple got married over the summer; Stephanie Simon to Luke Lawley!!

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